Pelonkey is LIVE

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This is it, Ladies & Gentlemen, the time has comeRun, don’t walk, to your nearest Internet-compatible device, and log in to your Pelonkey profile STAT. Haven’t made one yet? No problem. Signup is easy, just like our platform.

If someone can book your talents for any kind of performance, we want you on the site. You and your band cover The Backstreet Boys in a retro three-piece jazz style? Sign up. You can make an entire jungle of balloon animals? We want you. You are a star Elvis impersonator? Yup. Get on here.

If you are planning any kind of event in need of talent, we want you, too. Your child’s birthday party, a large corporate Christmas party, a high school dance. Search our database of amazeballs entertainers and find the right fit.

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up free, and create a user account
  • Customize your profile with high quality pictures, social media links, and a bio so you look super profesh
  • Upload your W9 (if you’re an Entertainer) & add a payment method
  • Check out the rest of the Pelonkey digs that all work to help you manage your business

We are scheduling individual calls with our users to walk them through the site, and if you would like that to be you, sign up and hit us up! Email with any questions and be sure to read through the FAQs on the site.

This is where the fun really begins…

Happy Eventing!

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