About Us

pelonkey girls

We are a cool, full-service online marketplace run by three even cooler chicks for entertainers and event planners to book and organize gigs. Beyond just connecting the two, we offer tools to help both manage their daily business. Entertainers can promote themselves, use our secure contracts, and receive automated payments. Event Planners can search our database of performers, inquire about bookings, and rate and review entertainers after each event. And these features just scratch the surface of what’s in store for the future…

Pelonkey is available across the U.S. and Canada while proudly calling Washington, DC its home. The first iteration of our website includes everything you need to run your business top to bottom. But the fun part lies in future updates of the site: all the bells and whistles you can imagine, soon to make Pelonkey your events and entertainment secret weapon that you’ll love so much you won’t be able to keep secret. Easy, intuitive, free to sign up, helpful, fast, and secure. Hip, eye-catching, dependable, personable, cool.

We like to put our two cents about the events and entertainment industries here on our blog. And hopefully any tips we include will help turn your two cents into four cents. And those four cents into eight cents. And those… well, you get the picture. Pelonkey is for the entertainment industry by the entertainment industry. For the events industry by the events industry.

We know you do it all; we do it all, too. Let’s do it together. Better.


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